Wellness and the Wheel

I often refer to wellness as a wheel, thanks to an amazing professor way back at Central Washington University in my undergrad days. I have taken that idea of the Wellness Wheel and based much of my coaching on it. Look at that picture of the bicycle. Do you see how perfectly round that wheel is? Let's visualize, for a moment, that each of the spokes of the wheel represent an area of wellness. We would see a spoke for Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Vocational, and Spiritual. Now pretend that just one of those areas in your life was not balanced or causing you issue. If one spoke is damaged, what do you think will happen to the other spokes on the wheel? Well, what happens is this: the stress caused by one damaged spoke begins to cause the other spokes to bend and break, causing more unbalance until your wheel is now no longer perfectly round. What happens if you don't have a perfectly round wheel? Silly question, right? You wouldn't be able to ride the bicycle! And if you could manage it, it would be, at best, a VERY bumpy ride!

Obviously this is a metaphor for your own wellness wheel in life. When one area of our life is unbalanced, it begins to affect the other areas. We all struggle, we all have times of unbalance, and we all need help. Sometimes our spouses or best buddies can help us work through some of these issues. Then again, sometimes it is the spouses or best buddies giving us the issues!!! Sometimes we have colleagues that we can talk to, sometimes we have others at church we trust to talk to, and sometimes we have others in our community that we can talk to when we need to work things out. And sometimes we don't. Plus, as much as I adore all my friends, more often than not, they are not equipped with the best strategies for me to find balance in all those areas on my wheel!

So, this is where I plug the benefits of finding a wellness coach! And I'm not even suggesting it should be me (although I believe I should be on your list to try!) Every person has the desire to be heard, validated, and liked and every person deserves that. Sometimes you "click" with someone, sometimes you don't. But, when you find a coach that you feel a good relationship with, you can most certainly begin to be the best you ever. WHY? Because your coach should be able to focus on your strengths, help turn your weaknesses into something positive, and encourage you, giving you the tools and strategies to keep your balance intact, creating in you the best version of YOU!!!

I'm so glad it is spring, heading towards summer, here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest because all this talk of bicycles makes me want to get my bike out, dust it off, oil the chain, and go for a ride!

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