Finding Happiness

The Disney/Pixar movie "Finding Dory" comes out in theaters on Friday, June 17th. For my sons and I, this is our last day of school, so we very well may celebrate by going to the movies! After all, "Finding Nemo" was one of my favorite movies, and I know this sequel will be a hit!

Finding Happiness, though, does not happen in a hour and a half time span while eating popcorn and reclining in theater seats. For some, the process takes days, weeks, months. Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology explains that with learned optimism, joy and happiness can be cultivated by consciously challenging negative self talk.

What does that MEAN, exactly? It means that with a coach that knows the best practices to help one find their happiness, YOU can find genuine and authentic happiness. Learning how to cultivate that positive mind-set, finding the joy in simple, daily living and expressing gratitude towards others are all part of positive psychology. And I know a great coach that can cheer you on to finding all that! (That's StacieStoneyCoaching!)

Dory's mantra was "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Wouldn't you like to not only "just keep swimming", but also find the best swim stroke for you and do it with such pizzazz that everyone wants to know your secret to why you're so awesome? Lucky for you, my JUNE SPECIAL is just what you are looking for!

Contact me today!

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