Resolutions are just GOALS- Smash them in 2017!

Research suggests half of all Americans make New Year's Resolutions, only 4% will follow through with completion of their resolution.

A New Year's Resolution is simply setting a goal for yourself. No matter what you resolve to do, it is still a GOAL. As a Life Coach, I specialize in helping others set, and complete, any goals they have now, or for their future. Here is my plan for setting, and SMASHING, your goals in 2017!

1. BE PASSIONATE! Whatever you do, it's got to be something that really fires you up, something that you can't stop thinking/dreaming about. And it's got to be authentic and YOU, since you are the only one following through with this goal. Don't do what everyone else is doing, or what you feel is safe or the "norm" for a New Year's Resolution. Allow me to explain this further. The most popular New Year's Resolution is "I want to lose weight." And great, maybe you really do, but WHY? Is there a reason? If it is because that's what's popular, then you will never be excited and driven enough to create a plan and follow-through, and you will be one of the statistics that gives up on your resolution by February! However, if you resolve to do something you've always dreamed about, perhaps for you it is competing for Mrs. Washington- America (okay, so I'm using mine from two years ago as an example!!!), and losing weight is a big part of why you've decided to go for this dream. You know that losing weight will help you stay focused, give you more energy, help you become a better you, create a healthier lifestyle, and of course, help you feel confident on a swimsuit and evening gown on stage, THEN, you're one to something! Your end goal HAS to be something you are willing to work towards everyday!


When setting your goal (or New Year's Resolution!), use the SMART goal setting model. This may be a review for you, or perhaps something new, but I promise you, every great goal that has seen success has used this!

Is it SPECIFIC?- be very specific as to what you want as your end goal. "I want to lose weight" is very vague. But "I will count my caloric intake while following a workout program of cardio and weight training to lose 20 pounds, or 2 dress sizes, by May 2017" is quite specific.

Is it MEASURABLE?- how will you be able to measure your success? With the weight loss goal it is quite easy, you can use a scale or how your clothes fit as a means of measurement towards success of your goal. But what about if your goal is to "Find happiness in 2017"? Well, I would have you go back to SPECIFIC and try to narrow down what specifically you see as creating happiness, because if it is specific, there will be ways to measure it.

Is it ACTION-ORIENTED?- meaning, what is your plan of action? If the above example, a couple actions were "count my calories" and "follow workout program". Action plans are the little stair steps up the stair case to Goal Completion! Is it REALISTIC?- I have spend the past 17 years teaching middle school, and I do teach SMART goals in fitness class. This is one area that sometimes gets muddled. As humans, we all tend to fall into the "My eyes were bigger than my stomach" adage, so you've got to stop and be realistic with yourself. Is your end goal something that can REALLY REALLY happen? I'd love to have a goal of making it as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, (truthfully, yes, a childhood fantasy dream of mine!), but reality tells me that at 40 years old, with no real dance training, no matter how hard to lose weight to fit into their uniform, I will never make them team! (True, stranger things have happened, but, I am being REALISTIC! Just like I will never sprout wings and fly.) And while I do not want you to give up on any dreams, because YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS, you really can, it still is important to look at the likelihood of being able to successfully complete certain goals.

Is it TIME BOUND?- what is the time frame you need to complete this goal? If you keep it open-ended, when will you know you've hit the goal? You need to set a date by which you want to have this goal completed. In my above example, I had May as the end date. Looking back, I should have put end of April, or a specific date, as the pageant was held in May and alterations on my dress and swimsuit were cut right now to the wire. Just food for thought! Have a time stamp for you goal!


Post it up around your house, or your office, or you classroom. Anywhere you will see it daily. LOOK at it everyday or so. I always suggest using a JOURNAL to write your goal in. Write it all down. Reflect on in. Be aware of what is working for you and what is not working for you. Is your action plan on point or do you need to change it up to see better results? By keeping track, you are able to continue towards success!


Have an accountability partner or partners. When you share your goals with someone else or others, they help you keep your "Eye of the Prize!" While offering support, your accountability partners will help you stay the course. It's okay to tell them EXACTLY what you need from them- some people (who don't have a Life Coach), rely on several different people for different means of support. For example, prior to my Life Coach days and realizing how valuable one is, when I competed for Mrs. Washington, I not only shared my goal with several family members and friends who would help me stay strong when I had the urge to pig out, or was feeling down on myself, but I also took daily selfies (because it's kind of a quirk of mine, I LOVE POSTING SELFIES!) of my workouts to keep me accountable. I didn't do it to get any "good for you" type of responses, I did it because I said I would. And when I missed a day or two, people, who were not even close friends, who send me a message and point out that I hadn't posted a selfie- did I do my workout??? That tends to keep a person going!

5. Stay Positive!

In all that you do, look for the positive! Every small step forward is still a step in the right direction! Stumbled? Got off track? IT'S OKAY!!! You can go back up to #3 (what you have written down) to learn why you stumbled. Again, perhaps the action plan needs to be re-vamped. Perhaps you read and saw you had a few days of feeling stressed at work and you ate comfort foods to cope. You'll be able to see why you stumbled and how to fix it. EVERY SITUATION IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE that makes you better, and ultimately helps you reach your goal!


It is so important to celebrate you successes, no matter how small. Some of us are intrinsic, and you will feel rewarded by smashing an action play ahead of time. Others of us need extrinsic motivation, so reward yourself with something appropriate. I had bought myself an adorable tank-top that read "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Crown" when I had reached the dress size I felt healthy and comfortable in (I wasn't shooting for a size 0-2, that was NOT realistic! But to be where I was prior to having my first baby! Whoo hoo!!! Success!) Whatever motivates you as a small reward, go for it. I also suggest helping others. When you help support someone else on their journey, it not only re-energizes you and fuels you, but in my opinion, it acts as a reward. If I found a way to succeed, it's awesome to share that with someone else to help them succeed!

So there you have it! StacieStoneyCoaching's plan for setting and smashing your goals, for 2017 and beyond!

If you would like individual help with finding what truly inspires you, what drives you, and what goals you'd like to set for yourself now and for the future, give me a call or email today! I would love to lead you, teach you, motivate you and help you follow your dreams and reach your every goal!


Don't wait! You deserve to unparalleled greatness! Let's do this!

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