PMA Power! Wait, what is that?

When I was growing up, one of my most favorite movies was Disney's "Pollyanna".

I asked my husband today if he remembered watching Pollyanna as a child, and he said "Nope. Don't know it." I know for a fact my own children have not seen this wonderful movie, and I somehow feel as though I have failed them as a parent! You see, at a young age, Pollyanna taught me one of the most important lessons I ever learned- You can always find a reason to be glad!

The idea of POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE was first introduced in 1937 by Napoleon Hill's book called "Think and Grow Rich." The theory was that if you thought positive thoughts, those thoughts would become your reality. Having a Positive Mental Attitude is an optimistic way of looking at your own life, creating positive changes, and attracting desirable outcomes. Having faith and HOPE are vital to the philosophy of Positive Mental Attitude!

And Pollyanna was the existential role model of PMA in my young life. Pollyanna was always looking for the good in others and finding reasons to be glad in all situations. Pollyanna made a game of it, called "The Glad Game." I was thinking...wouldn't it be wonderful if we taught our children this idea? To allow our children to grow up knowing that in every situation, there is something to be grateful for. Would we then create individuals who had the power of positive thinking???

Being able to be optimistic and have positive thinking IS a super power! While Victor Frankl (author of "Man's Search for Meaning"), suggested that we are all born optimistic or pessimistic, it was Martin Seligman who introduced to us Positive Psychology. He said, "When we take time to notice the things that go right - it means we're getting a lot of little rewards throughout the day." Dr. Seligman has researched and found that OPTIMISM CAN BE LEARNED! All you really need to do is learn to find the positives. Ding! Ding! Ding! That, my dear readers, is exactly what Pollyanna taught me!

While my children may not have watched "Pollyanna", I do know that through the last five, as Josh and I have grown in our walk with Jesus Christ, maturing in our relationship with Him, we have brought our sons along on this journey. They listen to Pastor's words and read the Scripture and HAVE FAITH, knowing that because of GOD, there is HOPE.

Positive Mental Attitude, I think, was already in the Bible. The notion to give thanks, have hope, and put your trust in the Lord...well, I don't know about you, but that gives ME much optimism! And any rate, can you try to play the Glad Game just for one day? Then try it the next day? And then the day after that until it becomes a habit and then a way of life? Can you have a Positive Mental Attitude in life? I'd love to help you lay out your plan of positivity, helping you find the best in you, and in others! Because no matter what, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS blessings surrounding you!

StacieStoneyCoaching would like to help you be better today than you were yesterday! What does that mean? It means every single one of us was born to fulfill our passions and purpose, to lead a life full of happiness and positivity, and to wake up each and everyday full of sunshine! Yes, it IS possible and StacieStoneyCoaching can help you make it happen by asking you the right questions to find your purpose, providing you with a game plan, and holding you accountable when reaching your goals! Who doesn't want to be better today than who you were yesterday? Contact today to get started on your positive journey!

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