Change means we Grow

Have you ever thought you had everything perfectly planned out, only to have a shocking revelation that throws those perfect plans upside down and makes you re-think those perfect plans? For me, that happened while our family vacationed early July in Scotland.

As some may remember, I had an adorable office space downtown Centralia, but had decided to move from that location. I was given the opportunity to re-open in an absolutely fabulous location, which would be a homecoming of sorts for me, as well as creating for me a larger clientele and busier schedule. I was completely happy. I knew I had made the right decision. I had moved out of my office space the end of May and planned to re-open in the new office space on Aug. 1. But then that moment occurred in Scotland, and I couldn't help but question if I was doing the right thing. Let me explain...

We had dropped the hubby off at a distillery for his Master's Class, so I was driving the car and Luke hopped into the front seat, while Lane stayed in the back seat. We were off, to explore the beauty of Scotland, just a mom and her two boys. At some point, this moment happened...I looked over at Luke and I saw his whiskers on his chin (or as I lovingly refer to them as he "man hair", which embarrasses him greatly!) and it absolutely HIT me. It being the notion that my baby is NOT a baby. He is a young man, fourteen years old. When did that happen??? And the baby baby, also not a baby, at nine years old, and will soon be at a point where he will be changing into a man as well. You see, time really does move one, whether you're realizing it or not. I have spent so much time doing things for me, thinking it would help my family, but in reality, all I've really accomplished is missing out on being with my boys as much as I want. That day, I decided I did not need to work so much, I did not need to do so much, and that I was not going to miss any more of the little moments with my sons.

Deciding to not re-open my coaching/counseling business in physical location did not come lightly, but when praying about it, I knew it was the right decision. You see, making changes is something I constantly do, and I constantly seek clarification in prayer prior to any change I make, or when changes are out of my control. This change, while in my control, still felt to me a bit scary. Was I making the right decision? Overwhelmingly, God's answer was YES and I felt a great peace. Change allows up to grow in so many ways.

As a Coach, who's passion is marriage and family, I know it is best practice to "Practice what I Preach", so to speak. I do not need a physical location to work with or help others. But I do need to be physically and mentally present daily with my family, and thus in turn, that will allow me to be an even better coach for clients who still wish to work with me (because I am still taking clients, still helping others, and am still available for workshops!)

Do you agree that growth comes from change? How does change positively affect you in your daily growth? How often do you pray for clarity in change?

Stacie Stoney has a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University. She has also been a middle school PE teacher for the past 18 years. Stacie is really great at helping others find their Light, Passion, and Purpose. She specializes in Marriage and Family Coaching, teaching how better communication skills creates more love and understanding. But mostly, Stacie is MOM and WIFE, and believes her number one job in this world is to raise her amazing, Christ-centered young men and serve her husband with encouragement and patience. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good!

Contact StacieStoneyCoaching today for your marriage, family, or life coaching needs. Or perhaps you just want to enjoy a great conversation and make a new friend, because that's very special indeed!

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